A nod to the kangaroo apple mob


Settle in for a kangaroo apple tale. This hardy shrub grows in southeast Australia and New Zealand. It has a pretty purple flower that turns to fruit in late spring. Be warned the fruit is poisonous when it’s green, but once it turns orange, the berries are edible - either fresh or dried. 

The kangaroo apple has a myriad of medicinal properties. “The fruit contains high levels of the alkaloid solanine, which can be infused from the leaves with hot water to create steroids,” writes Beth Gott in The Conversation

Our Summer Stories formulations for Coolum shampoo and Caloundra conditioner, kangaroo apple acts a powerful conditioning agent. The plant contains a natural compound tryptophan that works to protect damaged hair. It adds smoothness, moisture and anti-frizz to tresses. It’s the kangaroo apple of our eye.   

Louisa Anne Meredith 1891

Kangaroo Apple from Bush Friends in Tasmania (1891) by Louisa Anne Meredith (1812-1895).

 Summer Stories Coolum shampoo and Caloundra conditioner, both feature kangaroo apple as an active ingredient.