Brisbane Fashion Month's Laura Churchill on the books that are getting her through this tumultuous time

At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite changemakers for their best summer read, like Laura Churchill of Brisbane Fashion Month

Laura, what's your favourite summer story?

My favourite read which I have to say was more of a car audio book while I was super busy last year always racing from one thing to the next was The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer. I’ve since read his follow-up The Untethered Soul and am currently listening to Living from a Place of Surrender. I think my main outtake of going with the flow is so helpful in this current climate of uncertainty.

Laura, tell us about Brisbane Fashion Month. How did it start?

Brisbane Fashion Month came to be in 2016 when I had a newborn baby and started as a small festival focused on providing an outlet to showcase and an opportunity to network for designers and creatives in the fashion industry in Queensland, which was lacking in Brisbane in any real way. It’s since grown to be the largest showcase of local designers of any event in Australia with more than 50 brands on our runways last year. Our annual festival in October is a celebration of everything that makes Queensland fashion unique and great and I’m so proud of how we’ve grown.

This year we were set to stage the first ever beauty-focused event for BFM, Brisbane Beauty Forum, in early April. This event’s been postponed but we’ve worked with our event partner West Village to deliver a series of informative videos from our brands highlighting what they do best. There are so many people out there doing great things in the fashion and beauty space, it’s great to be able to share these stories.

Thank you for sharing your story Laura!


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