Feel good beauty mogul Molly Dunkle of dunkle authentic on a Queensland style

At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite changemakers for their best summer story. We got in touch with Molly Dunkle, the founder of dunkle authentic a feel good beauty line. 

Molly, what's your favourite summer read?

"My favourite summer read is Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro. Oh goodness it is charming. The book is a collection of colourful design inspiration paired with thoughtful advice on creating spaces that feel good to be in.

Something about the casual confidence and sense of warmth that comes through by enjoying imperfections and sharing family heirlooms makes my heart sing. I love how Anna equally celebrates a stack of vintage hats as she does grandma’s fine china.

The first time I read Absolutely Beautiful Things I was living down at Burleigh Heads by the beach a few years ago. I distinctly remember reading it in bed, glowing with inspiration, with the salty breeze coming through our white shutters. 

My personal style was at a pivoting point. I had been the Colorado mountain gal adjusting to Brisbane city gal to new beach gal. At the time, I had been feeling like I needed to choose one ‘formula’ however this book nudged me to realise I could celebrate all sources of inspiration together with a sense of ease.  

As the weather gets warmer, I tend to breeze through the colourful pages again and each time discover fresh inspiration for layering my spaces."



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