Foraged and Fleurs founder Lucy Reid on her favourite summer read and flower

For the month of November, Summer Stories is sharing a pop-up space at Bower Lane with Lucy Reid of Foraged and Fleurs. So we had to ask her what is her favourite summer read.

 Lucy, what's your favourite summer read?

"The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. I first read it over one of the summers between those endless stretches of uni summer holidays that you don't appreciate enough at the time! I likely read it on a beach at North Stradbroke Island because that's where most of my beach memories are from - crunchy sand and sun and salt and then that sand between the sheets and slow whirring fan overhead feel.
I think it was a set text for the arts/literature degree I studied for a little while. I loved the glamour and the ability it had to transport you to that time and place. It's funny that since watching the movie the memories I have of reading the book have faded so I will have to re-read it. Perhaps this summer but likely not on the beach as times have moved on since those uni holidays and my beach time is now spent with buckets, spades and bulldozers!"
As a Queensland-based florist what's your favourite flower?
Really? I can't possibly choose! I love them all! Although, I think most recently Australian-grown lilac has my heart.
Shameless question about us, what's your favourite ingredient in Summer Stories. 
It has to be lemon myrtle! [Found in Coolum shampoo and Caloundra conditioner.] It grows on my parents' property where I grew up, where I got married and where I now forage. My mum used it dried as a powder stirred through clotted cream as an accompaniment to our wedding cakes and dessert so it holds many memories for me.
Lucy at work foraging for bougainvillea
Coolum shampoo and Caloundra conditioner, both featuring lemon myrtle