Internet chronicler Hannah-Rose Yee on Tina Brown's The Diana Chronicles

At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite authors and changemakers for their best summer story, like Sydney-based writer Hannah-Rose Yee.

Hannah-Rose, we'd love to hear your favourite summer read. 

"For some reason, I always associate beach reading with big, meaty biographies so thick you could sink your teeth into them. I think this is a hangover from the days I spent as a teenager swotting for next year's history classes over summer, reading up about JFK and trench warfare with my toes in the sand. Now, when I pack a beach bag, it has either a juicy work of non fiction in there or, alternatively, a murder mystery. (The heart wants what the heart wants, and what it wants is seeing someone fingered for their crimes.)

"Anyway, back to my favourite beach read, which is The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown, which I read for the first time in an Indian summer in Rhode Island last year while eating my weight in lobster rolls and drinking quite a lot of white wine. It has everything you could possibly need for a summer read: a cast of familiar characters, plenty of gossip and intrigue, and plenty of sex. Brown, a former editor of Tatler, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker has one of the sharpest tongues in journalism, and no-one writes about the royal family like her. Trust me, The Diana Chronicles makes all the Meghan Markle drama look like an episode of Gilmore Girls. Get ready to dive in."

We're huge Tina Brown fans too. Thanks Hannah-Rose Yee. 

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