Home among the gum trees

At Summer Stories we're incredibly proud of the native Australian ingredients found in our products.

Growing up in Australia, everyone knows the magical healing properties of eucalyptus oil. To make the essential oil, gum leaves are dried, crushed and distilled. In Australian households, eucalyptus oil is used for everything from soothing coughs and colds to disinfecting and cleaning surfaces. 

At Summer Stories, eucalyptus oil appears in our Tamborine conditioner. Sure it’s selected for its woody-menthol scent; it adds an invigorating camphoraceous depth against the citrus orange peel that features in Tamborine. We've also packed eucalyptus into our Peregian body wash and our Brisbane hand sanitiser. 

Of course, eucalyptus has incredible properties: it’s a powerful antiseptic and for our hair products, eucalyptus can stimulate hair follicles and improve hair health. It’s truly top gum.

Peregian body wash with eucalyptus, orange, purslane and native snowflower extract



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