In the lime of duty: Australian-grown finger limes to the rescue

At the time of writing, two of our Summer Stories conditioners - Tamborine and Caloundra - contain finger lime caviar extract. Coincidentally, their product names align with the rainforest regions where finger limes grow naturally - northern New South Wales and southeast Queensland. 

You’ve possibly seen finger lime caviar on menus served by star chef Kylie Kwong or at award-winning The Spirit House restaurant at Yandina. For the ultimate hot-lime bling, Nigella Lawson wrote on Instagram: “I have to report that finger limes are the future. The caviar of the citrus world.”

But did you know the tiny juice pearls and the fruit’s dark exterior can be used in skincare and haircare? Finger lime caviar extract is a powerful conditioning agent that promotes moisture in hair. Finger lime caviar extract can help build a protective layer on hair, leaving tresses smooth and tangle-free. Plus that clean, wake-me-up citrus scent that feels like summer. 

Finger lime caviar pearls
Australian-made Tamborine conditioner with finger lime caviar extract