Jarrod Applebee of Brisbane's Finnley Home on summer dining and courage

At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite changemakers for their best summer read, like Jarrod Applebee of sunlit Finnley Home in California Lane, Fortitude Valley.  

Jarrod, what's your favourite summer story?

My favourite summer read would have to be Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone. To most, this book would seem like your ordinary cookbook, filled with recipes that you need one too many ingredients for, but oh how it is so much more! 
Athena is foremost an interior designer, so her approach to food is like that of her approach to design - unapologetic and authentic. She teaches this beautiful balance between food and design. Showcasing produce and flavours in their peak seasons, as well as the perfect table to go with it. This book makes you excited to entertain! As a designer myself, there's nothing more I like than flicking through pages and embracing the urge to run to the market, throw together a table and invite loved ones over for a meal and drink together. After all, what is more summer than spending golden afternoons and evenings surrounded by flowing wine, good, wholesome food and quality company? 
Completely agree! Jarrod, tell us about more Finnley Home. What was your mission for starting the business? And importantly, who's Finnley?
Finnley Home is a product of my adoration for all things home and living. From dinnerware to soft furnishings and everything in between, I live for not just creating a home, but a lifestyle. That's our mantra here "it's a lifestyle, kid", because it is. It's what has become and will continue to be our mission here, to show people that a home or space is not just about creating an environment or picture perfect Instagram shot, but creating a living, breathing and evolving space.
As for Finnley? it was never a question of who Finnley was, but what Finnley meant. Finnley, in Gaelic, translates to courageous one, and that's what I wanted our brand to be: courageous. It is so easy to conform and go with what the big businesses or influencers are telling you creates success, but it takes courage to go against that and create your own narrative and version of success. Just like we want to be courageous in our brand, we want our clients to be courageous in their designs at home. Don't be afraid to make your mark and claim your own style. After all, there's only one you, so why apologise for it?
We love this ode to courage. Thanks Jarrod.