Julia Frank explains the double meaning of her online retail beauty biz The Day Ahead

At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite changemakers for their best summer read, like Julia Frank, Vogue Australia's Digital Editorial Director and founder of online retailer The Day Head. Julia's online destination specialises in Australian beauty brands. 

Julia, tell us your favourite summer read.

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. I read it while on holiday in Italy in September last year. I spent five days on the island of Ischia on my own and was utterly absorbed by this book. It's so beautifully written, even more impressive given it's translated from Italian. It is the story of two very intelligent female friends who grow up on the outskirts of Naples. A colleague recommended I read it because they holiday on Ischia, an island known for its healing thermal waters. On my return from Italy, I continued reading the rest of the books in the series (there are four in total)—and to my delight, each one was more enthralling than the next.

Julia, while we have you, tell us about The Day Ahead.  

Throughout my years at Vogue Australia, where I still work full-time as digital editorial director, I have come across so many beauty products and brands from all over the world. However, I am always drawn to those made in Australia because of the mostly organic, plant-based ingredients, the exclusion of hormone-disrupting chemicals, and the chic and sustainable packaging. When I realised there wasn’t a website selling all of these products under one luxuriously-designed, sustainably-minded roof, I saw an opportunity to build one myself. I approached my brother to become my co-founder and we started working nights and weekends to launch the business.

I knew there was an international market for Australian-made beauty and wellness brands after living in New York City in 2016-2017 while working at American Vogue and seeing first-hand the evolving desire for products that don’t harm the body or the environment. I was constantly told by so many New Yorkers how much they admired the Australian lifestyle—they craved the proximity to beach and bush, fresh air, commitment to health and wellbeing, and stress-reduced lifestyle. If they couldn’t physically enjoy an Australian way of life, I figured they could experience it through a daily beauty regimen filled with effective native botanicals and calming scents.

Our hope is to become a destination for everyone, no matter whether you live in Australia or overseas, to discover and shop Australia’s best beauty and skincare products, knowing you’re taking the utmost care of your skin, body and the environment. The name, The Day Ahead, came to us because of its double meaning: Australia’s time zone is a day ahead of (most of) the world and your beauty routine sets you up for the day ahead.

Ha! Love it. Best of luck with The Day Ahead. And thank you. And yes, you can shop Summer Stories on The Day Ahead


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