On a beach in Barbados, haircare maven Abenaa Brew dipped into a foreboding 20th Century classic

At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite changemakers for their best summer story. Across the ocean, we got in touch with Abenaa Brew of natural haircare brand Hair Brew for her best summer read. 

Hey Abenaa, what's your favourite summer read?

I actually re-read 1984 by George Orwell this summer. I brought it along as I vacationed in Barbados this past August. With all that is going on with Trump, surveillance and at the time (and now actually taking place) talk of impeachment, I felt 1984 was such a plausible book. Politics has always been for lack of a better word shady, but the climate that we're currently in is one that has my mind spinning. 1984 was a great reminder that what we are experiencing is not far-fetched. For Orwell to have written this novel 70 years ago, similar activity was occurring back then. As the saying goes, there may be new players but the game remains the same. 

Abenaa, while we have you, tell us about your business Hair Brew.

Hair Brew is a personal care line that I created specifically to improve the health of hair. The line has grown to include skin and beard care products as well. 

Being a woman with naturally curly-coily hair that had been damaged from years of using heated styling tools and chemical processing, I initially formulated the products to work for myself and others with similar textures who suffered the same damage. As I researched ingredients that would reverse said damage, I began to create a line of products that worked for all hair types. 
With more men becoming interested in proper grooming, I also developed a Men's line. The hair care products can also be used by men, but there are beard care products that target the problem areas men face such as ingrown hair, breakage, itchiness, etc. 
Hair Brew is growing at a steady rate that I'm proud of. Currently I only ship stateside, but shipping internationally is certainly on the list of things to come. Feel free to check out the website when you have a chance www.hairbrewproducts.com
Thanks Abenaa, we will. 
Full moon in Barbados by Brian Yurasits