Photographer and designer Carissa Smart aka @designbyaikonik on what she's reading during lockdown


At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite changemakers for their best summer read, like Melbourne-based Carissa Smart of Design by Aikonik 

Carissa, what's your favourite summer story?

Everything is F*ked - A Book About Hope by Mark Manson. Probably not the most relaxing read. It breaks down hard questions about human happiness and how we think and react. Whilst it's a confronting book it looks at a lot of the ideas and topics about money, the internet and hope and really challenges your opinion and the way you see the world. Funnily enough I started reading this as the world was going into lockdown so I really gravitated to this book to keep myself occupied but I think it was all good timing to be reading a book about hope at a challenging and strange time in the world. 

Amen. Carissa we would be remiss if we didn't tell people you've created quite a bit of our Summer Stories imagery. Tell us about how your photography work developed. 

My photography work was really just a smooth transition. Being a full time graphic designer and photographer working for long-term clients, I thought I'd experiment and post my experimental work on Instagram. Of course my work has changed dramatically over the years. When flatlays became a huge part of the ‘Insta-game’ I decided this was the niche I really enjoyed and had fun basically playing with products. This came fairly naturally to me with my design background, my awareness of colour and composition and being able to put my photography skills to a different use.

Instagram has definitely given me numerous opportunities to work with brands I could never have even thought possible. My Instagram has been a natural progression and something I have continued to use as a creative outlet, as well as being able to interact with brands (especially in beauty) I have loved for years and create content with current and new release products. Obviously my love for beauty has come from years of playing but the designer in me secretly falls in love with a product because of the design and packaging too. 



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