Plant lover and copywriter Kate Shannon on Sarah Wilson's First We Make the Beast Beautiful

At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite authors and changemakers for their best summer story. We got in touch with copywriter and plant champion, Kate Shannon

Kate, tell us your favourite summer read. 

"My summer story is one I'm rereading - First We Make The Beast Beautiful, by Sarah Wilson. It is a really honest account of Sarah's struggles with anxiety. It was fascinating to read about how debilitating it has been for her, and I was amazed at how she has had such success despite this. The book is sectioned off in bite sized, numerical chunks which allows you to dip in and out of it, which is a format I'm loving at the moment when I don't have long swathes of time to read."

First We Make the Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson

Thanks Kate. For Queensland lovers, check out Kate's story on the Bell Biblical Garden in Dalby for Planthunter