Textile enthusiast Kam Chandan-Whittle on the book that connected her to her parents

At Summer Stories, we've asked our favourite do-ers and changemakers for their best summer story. We got in touch with Kam Chandan-Whittle, the Dublin-based creator of Chandan Whittlea homewares line that shares the magic of India in brilliant colour. 

Kam, tell us about your favourite summer story. 

“Reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri felt like I was getting an insight into my parents lives emigrating to the UK 50 years ago and a little bit about my own life being a second generation Indian. Set in the States and built around the concept of cultural identity, family loyalties, spanned over three generations. I felt really connected to this book.  It made me think more deeply about belonging. A beautifully written story that’s gentle, moving and insightful.”

Thank you for sharing Kam. We totally recommend the Chandan Whittle Instagram page too!