tweed heads tradie soap
tweed heads tradie soap

tweed heads tradie soap

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Not for the faint-hearted, thin-skinned or work-shy, the Tweed Heads tradie soap is formulated to get every bit of grit off your mitts. The handmade soap’s pumice base means it’s perfect for potters, painters, plant lovers and plumbers. 

This is a soap for the laundry room, the mud room, the garage, the work shed, the ceramic studio, the green house, the workshop, the art studio. This is not a light-a-candle and relax kind of soap. Although, truth be told, we don't mind scrubbing this one against the heels of our feet or newly shaved legs. 

Made by hand in New South Wales, these soaps are perfectly imperfect. Each soap has slight variations. 

Make it last longer
Handmade soap can have a tendency to soften if left wet. Please keep it dry between washes for the product to work harder, longer. 

125 grams (note: the soaps are made by hand so they are not precisely 125 grams)

Claims we stand behind
Australian made
Paraben free
Silicone free
Sulphate free
Free of dyes and artificial colours
Vegan friendly
Cruelty free
Tested on ourselves, not animals
Definitely not gentle (sorry, not sorry)

Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Fine Pumice Stone, Tea Tree Oil